About Us

The primary purpose of the Hampshire County Radio Controllers is to promote fellowship, goodwill and the general enjoyment of its members through participation in the hobby/sport of radio-controlled modeling. Membership is open to anyone interested in the purpose of this club.

The club is sanctioned by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and operates under the rules of the AMA. You must be a member of the academy to join the Hampshire County Radio Controllers. When you join the AMA you will receive a membership license that will permit you to fly in AMA sanctioned events and at club flying fields requiring AMA membership. You will be covered by an AMA comprehensive general insurance policy in the event of an accident causing damage or injury to others. In addition, you will receive monthly issues of Model Aviation Magazine. (See the AMA application form for rates and other information.)

To join HCRC just fill out the membership application and deliver it to one of the club officers or mail to the club secretary listed on the form. Upon receipt and acceptance of your application at a regularly scheduled business meeting, you will receive copies of the club constitution (By-Laws), flying site safety and operational rules, club membership list and an access code for the front gate combination lock. If you are an experienced R/C pilot, one of the club members will give you some general guidelines for operations at the club field. If you are new to the hobby, the club has several instructors who will be happy to assist you in learning to fly R/C. (Note: Flying instruction is by appointment only)

Members have unlimited use of the flying field leased to HCRC, although we ask you not to fly before 9 a.m. on the weekends during the summer months. The field is located in the “Honey Pot” section of Hadley, off Route 9 and North of the Coolidge Bridge. Regular business meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at the VFW in Florence ( 7 p.m. ) for the months of October thru April. During the remainder of the year all business meetings are held at the club flying field, weather permitting. Guests are welcome at the club meetings and at the flying field. If you need more information about HCRC, please call or email one of the club officers or directors listed on the reverse side.

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HCRC Club Flying Rules

* Always fly below 400' and out of the path of approaching full scale aircraft.

* Flying boundaries:

Northern: To the river.

Southern: To Honey Pot Road.

Western: In front of the safety line.

Eastern: To the Bend in Honey Pot Road.

* NO taxing models in the pit area.

* No flying before 9AM on weekends.

* Direction of flight is determined by wind direction.

* Flight operations will stop during electrical storms.

* All pilots must fly with a spotter at all times.

* ONLY pilots and spotters are allowed on the flight line.

* All gas and nitro powered motor aircraft must have mufflers.

* Pilots shall make appropriate announcement when taking off, landing, on the field or emergency situations.

* All models must be flown in line-of-sight.

* Multi-rotor aircraft (drone) flying IS allowed under the following conditions:

    - Must remain within boundaries listed above.

    - FPV (First Person View) flying is allowed ONLY with a spotter but must remain in spotter's line-of-sight.

    - Hovering shall be done in areas outside of the designated fixed-wing flying path.

    - Additional AMA & FCC rules may apply.

* Children 12 and under NOT allowed beyond spectator area unless under direct supervision of an adult.

* First aid kit is located in the transmitter impound area.

* Bring out any trash you bring in.

* Last one out locks the gate.



We pride ourselves on being a training club. We only have a couple of volunteer instructors to help our newbie pilots learn and improve their flying skills.

Both Andre and Ed are in need of support. We need some experienced pilots who would like to be flight instructors. Instructions are by appointment only now so it is easier to schedule lessons. You only need to instruct when you can. You can set your own schedule.

If you can help us out please contact President Tyler West or stop by at a business meeting. The club really needs your support! 


Andre (413) 786-9735

Ed (413) 532-7071

Tyler (413) 588-7440 or email to tylerwest36@hotmail.com



It appears that the FAA has rescinded the registration requirements for "drones". But word is that future requirements will be reinstated soon.