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October 201709/28/201709/28/2017Sherman, David
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June 201705/29/201707/24/2017Sherman, David
May 2017 Newsletter05/01/201707/24/2017Sherman, David
April 201703/28/201707/24/2017Sherman, David
DECEMBER 201611/30/201611/30/2016Sherman, David
September 201608/30/201607/24/2017Sherman, David
August 201608/03/201607/24/2017Sherman, David
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400 feet AGL Limit

Please Fly below and out of the path of full scale aircraft



Business meeting   Thursday, October 5, 2017  7PM   at the VFW, Florence, MA

Remember, this is the first indoor meeting of the winter season. 

Flight Training

We pride ourselves on being a training club. We have a few volunteer instructors to help new fledgling pilots to learn the skills. Instruction is by appointment only. Call: Andre (413) 786-9735

Both Andre and Ed are having mobility problems i.e. knees. We need some more experienced pilots who would like to be flight instructors. Instructions are by appointment only now so it is easier to schedule lessons. You only instruct when you can and can set your own schedule. If you can help us out please contact Tyler West, Pres.  or stop by at a meeting. The club really needs instructors. 

Ed      (413) 532-7071

Andre (413) 786-9735

Tyler  (413) 588-7440                  or



It appears that the FAA has rescinded the registration requirements for "drones". Word is that there is no further requirement for federal registration. 

Dave S.