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April 201703/28/201703/28/2017Sherman, David
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August 201608/03/201608/03/2016Sherman, David
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MARCH 201602/29/201602/29/2016Sherman, David
FEBRUARY 201602/01/201602/01/2016Sherman, David
DECEMBER 201511/27/201501/05/2016Sherman, David
October 2015 Newsletter11/02/201501/05/2016Sherman, David
NOVEMBER 201511/02/201501/05/2016Sherman, David
August 201510/11/201501/05/2016Ritschel, Jeffry
September 201510/11/201501/05/2016Ritschel, Jeffry
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400 feet AGL Limit

Please Fly below and out of the path of full scale aircraft











   Business meeting   Thursday,   April 6, 2017  7PM   FLYING FIELD, HADLEY, MA









                                      NEW FAA REGISTRATION REGULATIONS

The FAA has established it's new requirements for registering ALL MODEL AIRCRAFT PILOTS. They make no distinction between DRONES and MODEL AIRCRAFT. Early registration is free. After a certain period you will have to pay a fee. 

Dave S.