Hampshire County Radio Controllers



APRIL 2018

Thursday,  APRIL 5, 2018

at   7 PM, VFW Florence MA

18 Meadow Street

Florence, MA. 01062




Dean Lampron is a national champion at his chosen sport. Please follow the attached link to see what Dean has accomplished.




Attention all HCRC Club Members


The club is running a fundraiser to help offset the costs associated with the addition of power on to the club property. It is open to club members and their friends and family. The cost is $20 a ticket with a winner every day. Your odds of winning some cash is 100:1 EACH day of the month much better than the state lottery odds! of course the payoff isn't as large either. Please click on the link below to print out a copy and play. You can mail in your registration form along with your check to our club treasurer Ron Paul at 367 Ware Street Palmer, MA. 01069 or bring it with you to the next business meeting. The full details of the rules are on the form. Please help support your club. Thanks.

Click on the link below to view the HCRC Club Fundraiser Raffle Sign Up Sheet




President’s letter

January 2018
Hello everyone, happy 2018. This is my 30th year with the club!!, and I look forward to the next flying season. I was away for the last 3 months of 2017, and I’m really glad to be back home. As usual, I have a few new projects to roll out for the new year, and that got me thinking about how I predict a new plane will fly. I’ve been using a few simple calculations that tell me (roughly) how a plane will fly before I commit my hard-earned money (or what to expect on that first test flight).
John Boyd, energy-maneuverability, and the fighter mafia.
For decades, fighter pilots and test pilots flew by the seat of their pants, using their personal experience to guide the way they flew their missions and test flights. In the early 1960’s, John Boyd, an air force pilot and engineer, wanted to change that. As a pilot, he understood how some airplanes just felt right, while others just didn’t. However, as an engineer, he wanted to be able to quantify that feeling- to come up with numbers that would predict how new planes would fly. 
I will greatly shorten the story, but the  theory he came up with was called energy-maneuverability, and included wing loading (weight of airplane divided by the wing area), and the thrust to weight ratio (thrust divided by weight). With his calculations, Boyd became a pentagon consultant, and quickly showed the big wigs that their new designs (namely, the F-111) would be terrible fighter planes (the F-111 was converted to a fighter-bomber with some success). He wanted to change the way fighters were designed, and with a group of his friends, formed a group called the “fighter mafia”, and radically influenced the way fighter planes were designed.
I will simplify the story and say that, as a result of the influence of the fighter mafia, the next planes our country produced were the F-15, F-16, FA-18, and the A-10. Each of these aircraft has enjoyed long and successful careers in the US military and as exports, and three of them (F-15, F-16, F-18) are still being produced 40 years later and will be used throughout the world for decades to come. About a decade after the “teen series”, Moscow introduced the Su-27 and Mig-29, which are very close aerodynamic clones of the F-15 and F-18, respectively,  and have also been sold throughout the world.
You can read about the man here, or search google for “fighter mafia” (a search for John Boyd will lead you to 100 different people):

Tyler J West, MD




Flight instruction is free and by appointment only.

All are welcome to arrange for a demo flight or scheduled lessons. Call:

Andre: (413) 786-9735


Ed: (413) 532-7071




PresidentTyler West, 84 Doane Road, Ware, MA 01082     (413) 588-7440 
Vice PresidentMichael  Shaw, 15 Overlea Drive, Springfield, MA 01119     (413) 330-1827
SecretaryGordie Lauder, 19 Cypress Drive, South Hadley, MA 01075     (413) 532-0135 
TreasurerRon Paul, 367 Ware Street, Palmer, MA  01069     (413) 374-3212



Alan R. Crawford, 197 Pondview Drive, Springfield, MA. 01118     (413) 777-4493 (Social Media Director )

Leo Dube, 80 Chilson Road, Wilbraham, MA. 01095     (413) 315-1466

Ed Kopec, 5 Glenn Drive, South Hadley, MA. 01075     (413) 532-7071 (Flight Instructor

Dave Lampron, 93 Elm Street, Hatfield, MA. 01038     (413) 247-3357

Bob Olszewski, 1 Williams Way, Westfield, MA. 01085     (413) 230-0389

Dave Sherman, 135 Shelburne Rd., Greenfield, MA. 01301     (413) 774-7375

Mark Wasielewski,  223 No. Main Street, New Salem, MA. 01355        (978) 544-8771