Hampshire County Radio Controllers




Thursday, January 4, 2018

at   7 PM, VFW Florence MA

18 Meadow Street

Florence, MA. 01062




As has been a long-running tradition, HCRC will host the annual New Year's Day Fly-In once again this coming year. Get those pontoons and skies mounted and come out for some flying if the weather is reasonably hospitable. The stove will be running in the storage shed and the grill will be roasting up some hot dogs. If you have a little fire wood to spare, feel free to bring it along. So come on out to help support your club for what has been a fun and well attended event in year's past! Thanks.




Attention all HCRC Club Members

The club is running a fundraiser to help offset the costs associated with the addition of power on to the club property. It is open to club members and their friends and family. The cost is $20 a ticket with a winner every day. Your odds of winning some cash is 100:1 much better than the state lottery odds! of course the payoff isn't as large either. Please click on the link below to print out a copy and play. You can mail in your registration form along with your check to our club treasurer Ron Paul at 367 Ware Street Palmer, MA. 01069 or bring it with you to the next business meeting. The full details of the rules are on the form. Please help support your club. Thanks.

Click on the link below to view the HCRC Club Fundraiser Raffle Sign Up Sheet





Click on the link below to view the party invitation


This year HCRC's Christmas Party will be held on Saturday 12/16/17 6pm to 11pm at the East Mountain Country Club at 1458 East Mountain road, Westfield, MA. 01085. Members who cannot attend the December business meeting but still wish to attend the Christmas Party can send your check for $35.00/pp made out to our vice president Michael Shaw 15 Overlea Drive Springfield MA. 01119 by 12/07/17 deadline. If you are attending the meeting you can bring cash or check and pay in person. Once again the deadline to sign up for the party is 12/7/17.  Come on out and have a good time with your fellow club members.





Thank you very much for the opportunity to be president of this club. Gordie Lauder recently informed me that I have been a member for 27 years- I guess it was 'about time' for me to serve in office. This is a complex time for hobbyists and aeromodeling. New technologies have given us new ways to enjoy our hobby, but our government is trying to cope with the task of regulating "unmanned aerial vehicles"- leaving many of us feeling stuck in the middle. 

The next few years will be very interesting for our hobby, the AMA, and this club. I do not believe that our hobby will go away. I don't believe that the FAA is interested in taking away our model airplanes or helicopters. As a club, we need to stay informed on the latest updates from the FAA and AMA, and other news outlets. We also may need to be wary of some of the "information" being shared in the media, online, etc. Then we can, as a club, make sure we are able to enjoy our hobby while remaining compliant with any regulations. 

When I was 15, I would ride my bike down to the HCRC field and marvel at everything I saw there: 40-sized sport aerobatic planes, scale warbirds, pylon racers, the occasional helicopter. A few guys were competing in pattern back then. Some of us started playing with electrics, low on power and filled with nicad batteries. Over the years, our club has welcomed new hobbyists and has accepted new types of model aircraft. Whatever the latest new 'thing' was, someone in HCRC was into it.  I believe this history will serve us well over the next year or two.

Again, thank you very much for this opportunity. Lets not forget that this is a hobby and we are supposed to be having fun!

Tyler J West, MD





Flight instruction is free and by appointment only.

All are welcome to arrange for a demo flight or scheduled lessons. Call:

Andre: (413) 786-9735


Ed: (413) 532-7071




Dean Lampron is a national champion at his chosen sport. Please follow the attached link to see what Dean has accomplished.








President: Tyler West,     84 Doane Road, Ware, MA 01082     (413) 588-7440 
Vice President: Michael  Shaw,     15 Overlea Drive, Springfield, MA 01119     (413) 330-1827
Secretary: Gordie Lauder,     19 Cypress Drive, South Hadley, MA 01075     (413) 532-0135 
Treasurer: Ron Paul,     367Ware Street, Palmer, MA  01069     (413) 374-3212



Leo Dube,     80 Chilson Road, Wilbraham, MA. 01027     (413) 315-1466

Edward Kopec, (Flight Instructor)     5 Glenn Drive, South Hadley, MA 01075     (413) 532-7071

David Lampron,     93 Elm Street, Hatfield, MA 01038     (413) 627-4060 / (413) 247-3357

Dean Lampron     93 Elm Street, Hatfield, MA 01038     (413) 247-3357

Bob Olszewski     1 Williams Way, Westfield, MA 01085     (413) 230-0389

David Sherman     135 Shelburne Rd., Greenfield, MA 01301     (413) 774-7375

Mark Wasielewski,  223 No. Main Street, New Salem, MA 01355        (978) 544-8771